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Our container division offers a huge quantity of shrubs, evergreens, and perennials at competitive prices. Pruned and fertilized for the highest quality and strongest plant stock around. Offering #1-#3-#5-#7 up to 45 gallon grow bags. Shrubs up to #10’s and trees up to 45 gallon bags.

Container Inventory

Balled & Burlapped

Balled and burlapped trees are manually dug down to the root flare before they are extracted to ensure maximum amount of root is in the ball. They are then treated with root hormone before leaving the field. Your trees will flush greener and retain healthier leaves all season while minimizing transplant shock.

Balled & Burlapped Inventory

Native Plants

We have one of the largest selections of native plants in all of Illinois. Come take a look or request a catalog.
Staking, taping, shearing, and corrective pruning are vital to our operation. We aspire not only to grow specimens that are indicative of their respective growth habits, but are exemplary in form.

Native Plants